Friday, 4 June 2010

Is the party over for fat cats in the Senior Civil Service?

So Prime Minister David Cameron is reviewing the salaries of very highly paid senior Civil Servants.  Some of them as we now know are much better paid than the Prime Minister and members of the Cabinet.  Yet many would concede that the Prime Minister and his Ministers of State do arguably more important work and have more responsibility.  The buck really stops with the PM.  Some senior civil servants are known to be masters of buck passing, blaming junior staff and circumventing difficult decisions.  They can be high skilled at hiding information, being economical with the truth, massaging statistics, using delaying tactics, and keeping information under various cloaks of secrecy and subterfuge.

The over payment of consultants, who were sometimes members of their clique and club (metaphorically and sometimes literally), will perhaps now come more into the light of reason and openness.  We need more glasnost when it comes to Civil Service finance.  There have been cases when a consultant was doing a middle managment job or project, yet the consultant received a much higher hourly rate of pay when all the time the work could have been done by a competent Higher Executive Officer, perhaps a really good Executive Officer.  Why did this happen? Well the consultant knew the right people in high places.  Nice work if you can get it?  Not so nice for the poor, over burdened tax payer.  A doctor told me (before he retired) that he knew of colleagues in the National Health Service who were receiving, at the own admission, inflated fees for quite easy work.  They did not think that the work merited the rates of consultancy pay, but they were laughing all the way to the bank.  And we now know how the banks let us down.

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