Sunday, 30 May 2010

Immigration: when you're a guest you should behave yourself

When in Rome, you do as the Romans.  When in England you can behave badly.  And sadly HM prisons have accommodated plenty of guests that have really misbehaved themselves. And I should know because I once worked for the Ministry of Justice.  Researching for my dissertation on Alpha in Prisons and when leading services in a local prison, I certainly met plenty of guests from beyond these shores!  On one occasion a group of non-Christians from another religion took pleasure in disrupting the morning service.  It would have been better for them to be elsewhere.  Perhaps back in their own country.

Update 1 June 2010

I understand that the number of foreign nationals in our prisons is approaching 12,000 inmates. On the watch of Lin Homer, chief executive of the UK Border Agency, was the reported failure to deport many of these guests.  Her annual salary is said to be, mentioned in today's The Independent, £209,999.  Now that may not be good value for money,  or a good example of efficiency, economy and effectiveness. I wonder if this high figure of nearly 12,000 inmates will be reduced significantly over the next financial year.  Will Lin be getting a well earned productivity payment based on meeting objectives to reduce this woeful figure?

James Hall apparently earns the same amount for his work as chief executive of the Passport and Identity Service.  The expensive cancellation of the proposed launch of the national identity card scheme now falls on his watch.   How much will the dismantling of this much hyped scheme cost the UK tax payer?

English football hooligans will probably disgrace themselves during the FIFA World Cups finals in South Africa.  It has been said that these thugs behave worse than animals.  That's just not true at all?  Police dogs and horses are really well behaved and don't disgrace themselves, although some horses do leave good manure at the scene.  Their mess can do a lot more good than the mess left by our vandals, louts and yobs wearing England shirts and clothing.  Shame on them!  They should be forced to clean up their mess and clear up the horse dung.

Update 6 June 2010

It will be interesting to know how much will be spent on sending police officers to South Africa in order to monitor and assist in the policing of our violent football hooligans, the unacceptable side of the beautiful game and a dreadful UK export. Are these modern day vandals, as they are called, lumpenproles or victims of our spiritually bankrupt society?  Discuss this disgusting situation.

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