Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hung Parliament hangs in balances and is found wanting?

In the UK today we see new ground being ploughed.  We are a divided country and not of one mind and heart to face the economic hardships ahead.  People and political parties are pulling in different directions.  In Scotland there is hardly a Conservative seat in the House of Commons.  In the Home Counties there is a complete lack of confidence in New Labour.  The Liberals are only strong in various pockets, such as the West Country and the Scottish Highlands but not the Hebridean Islands.

We must pray that in the days ahead the British people will unite against dark social forces (terrorism and violence) and hostile economic times of uncertainty.  The electorate has spoken against the greedy politicians who scandalized the nation over expenses and bogus claims for second homes/mortgages etc.

We must pray for greater transparency, accountability and integrity.  By their fruits we shall know them.  Discernment by Christian leaders is now crucial.  We have to step up, raise our game and speak out against false prophets and false profits.

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