Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Plymouth pleasures at the Baptist Assembly 2010

I've just returned from a long weekend in Plymouth where I attended the Baptist Assembly.

I kept a journal of my experiences, took many photographs and camcorder videos, which I may upload on YouTube.  I need to check the copyright and permission issues for some of the filmed performances.

It was good to meet old friends again, like Doug and Debbie Benn, Joel Edwards, Dr and Mrs Tidball, Helen Dare (nee Reynolds), Dr Pat Took and Paul Merton (no, not the comedian!) to name just a few.  The LBC/LST Baptist fellowship meeting was memorable.

The seminars were stimulating and thought provoking.  We had some outstanding speakers who managed to connect with the audience.

We were spoilt for choice and the various locations meant that we had plenty of exercise moving from place to place, rather than sitting for hours in one place.  This helped me to discover more places in Plymouth.  I'm fitter as a result of the walking around from seminar to seminar, plus attending two college reunion meetings.

I did enjoy my time at the Assembly and visiting Plymouth City Centre, which has changed a lot since I first saw it in the 1960s.

The final service is always special.  It is a time to draw closer to the Lord in holy communion. The last message was, on reflection, disappointing as it seemed to me to be toned down prosperity preaching  (preaching about success and glory but without calling for true repentance), but I don't want to appear negative.  There were so many uplifting moments and challenging messages, evidence of great creativity and divinely inspired spiritual enterprise.  Jesus was glorified.  Praise Him.

Please watch this space for more reflections on the Baptist Assembly 2010.  You may find my YouTube channel interesting.

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