Saturday, 26 July 2008

Concern about Todd Bentley's ministry

I have seen the You Tube videos and looked into the ministry of Todd Bentley. I have also followed discussions on Christian web forums. I am concerned about this ministry, and I would therefore recommend the books and You Tube videos by Andrew Strom on this controversial matter.

To view the Andrew Strom videos:
Pt. 1 -
Pt. 2 -
Pt. 3 -
Pt. 4 -
Pt. 5 -

These videos are challenging. Andrew Strom comes across as a sincere and sensible servant of the Lord who is concerned about genuine revival and biblical Christianity.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Bradwell Pilgrimage 5/7/08

On Saturday 5 July 2008 the weather was fine at Bradwell. It was a perfect day for the pilgrimage. Oh what a lovely Summer's day! The clouds were magnificent. I arrived later than usual and enjoyed a peaceful walk from Bradwell village to the ancient chapel by the sea and the site of the pilgrimage. I stopped for lunch at the pub en route (The Cricketers). I took many photographs and I have attached some of them to this blog. I hope that they will bring pleasure, and happy memories to those who attended the event.


River Stour