Saturday, 31 May 2008

Praying for Peniel Church

Prayer changes things. Some put answers to prayers down to coincidences, but more coincidences happen when I pray. God answers prayers. We may not fully understand how the mystery of providence works or how exactly God intervenes in human life and history. God moves in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. Prayer is a mighty weapon and brings divine power to destroy strongholds and to extend the kingdom of God. The prayer of a righteous man is great in its effects. We can ask, seek and knock. God opens and closes doors. He guides and directs our paths.

Christians have been praying for Peniel Church, especially since the resignation and downfall of the infamous Michael Reid. Prayer meetings were prevented in his day. His ministry seemed to rely on public relations and advertising rather than on prayer. The fruit is now plain to see.

However, there is a new era at Peniel Church. It is hoped that fellowship in prayer will be on the new agenda and that there will be joy and freedom in Christ Jesus. The Christian life is to be celebrated, enjoyed not endured with a heavy heart. In the past folk were burdened and heavy laden, but now they can come to Jesus, whose yolk is easy and His burden is light. They can discover that the joy of the Lord is their strength. They need to be strong against the dangerous wolf that worried the sheep and allegedly fleeced the flock. They can stand with the armour of God. Praise God for those who are interceding and bringing their supplications to God for the future of Peniel Church and the defeat of the troublemakers.

I believe that there is more to be revealed concerning the bleak days of the former ministry. Financial irregularities and further moral failings will come to light. They are already coming to light, as I expected. I also expected a move to re-establish the old ministry and a fight to regain some level of leadership. But toothpaste is out of the tube. There is no going back. Much of the damage has been exposed and the wounds have been seen. It is therefore important that we pray for those who have suffered. There clearly needs to be accountability and responsible leadership. This was so patently lacking under the old regime.

I am glad that there are those who have been faithfully praying for Peniel over many years and continue to pray for peace, harmony, repentance and restoration of broken relationships. God is answering prayer. Blessed are the peacemakers.

West Wales

At last I have posted some pictures of Wales. I rejoice in the beauty of West Wales. I particularly love the coastal scenery and have spent many happy hours walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. One of my favourite walks is from St Bride's Haven to Broadhaven. The inns of Littlehaven have provided good food and drink. I love the beaches at Marloes, Broadhaven, Druidstone, Nolton and Newgale. They are outstandingly beautiful. Sunsets at Broadhaven have been memorable. The coastal scenery around St David's Head and views out to Ramsey Island (Ynys Dewi) are wonderful.

I have just visited West Wales and enjoyed walking along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path again. I have inserted photographs of some of my favourite places in West Wales. I hope you enjoy looking at the photographs of Pembrokeshire and Cardiganshire.

St David's Cathedral was built in a valley, so it was not seen from the sea by the Vikings and other invaders. It has been a centre for faith and culture for many years and a place of pilgrimage.


River Stour