Tuesday, 31 December 2013

John MacArthur, disgrace to you?

John MacArthur's position on the cessation of the spiritual gifts is against the evidence and ultimately not taught in the Bible itself.  I believe that some of his comments at the Strange Fire conference were shameful and divisive.  I have attached a link to a blog that rebukes Pastor MacArthur. It is worth reading. Within the blog there is a link to a YouTube video that reveals that C.H. Spurgeon, who founded the church were I now worship, exercised certain spiritual gifts, which Dr. MacArthur does not believe continued to exist beyond the apostolic age. Like his teaching on eschatology/dispensationalism John MacArthur has embraced man-made doctrines.


Monday, 9 December 2013

Thank God for the fruits of Nelson Mandela's life

We should indeed thank God for the life of Nelson Mandela.  Thank God for his forgiveness of his enemies and the brutal apartheid regime under which he suffered.  Thank God for his humility and grace.  Thank God that he helped his country avoid civil war and much bloodshed.  Thank God that he worked so valiantly against apartheid, injustice and racism. Thank God that his life was an inspiration and great example to many people all over the world and for those to come. Blessed are the peacemakers. Nelson Mandela was a blessing in this evil and sinful world.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Barry Barnett has been released from Ramle Prison!

I have now discovered that Barry has been released from prison in Israel.  Great news.  Prayers have been answered.

Please see the following link:


God looked after Barry.  May Barry's ministry go on from strength to strength in the power of the Spirit.


Barry Barnett has been arrested and jailed in Israel

Today I heard the sad and disturbing news that dear Barry Barnett of Jews for Jesus UK has been arrested and thrown in Ramle prison by Israeli immigration officials.  Barry had a valid tourist visa and should have been allowed to exercise his rights of freedom of religion.  I pray that the Lord will use this situation for the good of the gospel and the ministry of Jews for Jesus. Shalom.

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Holy Fire rather than Strange Fire

Having heard Dr. John MacArthur talking about Strange Fire and re-hashing his views mentioned in Charismatic Chaos, I am delighted to know that Dr. RT Kendall has written Holy Fire, which will be published next month.  I am very familiar with RT's views on the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit, having read his books and having attended his Thursday lunch time meetings at Westminster Chapel at the end of the last century.  His ministry at Westminster Chapel was very helpful, edifying, spiritually nourishing, truly anointed and soundly scriptural.  RT argued from the Bible, from his personal experience and research,  that the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate in the present age and were in no way removed once the Bible was written.  I found his position convincing and compelling.

You may find the following link helpful:


Dr Kendall has also written an open letter to Dr MacArthur, expressing his concern about John MacArthur's hostile views and scathing comments about charismatics and pentecostals.



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