Tuesday, 31 December 2013

John MacArthur, disgrace to you?

John MacArthur's position on the cessation of the spiritual gifts is against the evidence and ultimately not taught in the Bible itself.  I believe that some of his comments at the Strange Fire conference were shameful and divisive.  I have attached a link to a blog that rebukes Pastor MacArthur. It is worth reading. Within the blog there is a link to a YouTube video that reveals that C.H. Spurgeon, who founded the church were I now worship, exercised certain spiritual gifts, which Dr. MacArthur does not believe continued to exist beyond the apostolic age. Like his teaching on eschatology/dispensationalism John MacArthur has embraced man-made doctrines.


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Johli Baptist said...

There is clear evidence in patristic writings that miracles, signs and wonders were apparent in those days.
Augustine in his magnum opus, The City of God, records certain miracles that he knew about and had investigated as genuine and by no means were counterfeit. In various revivals throughout church history, miracles events have been documented.

It is my contention that if a New Testament would be given to a new convert in a remote place away from theological traditions and prejudices, then he or she would find no reason from the Bible itself to conclude that spiritual gifts should cease at the end of the apostolic age or when the New Testament canon would be closed and established. Human theological tradition has imposed the cessation argument on the church.


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