Thursday, 5 December 2013

Holy Fire rather than Strange Fire

Having heard Dr. John MacArthur talking about Strange Fire and re-hashing his views mentioned in Charismatic Chaos, I am delighted to know that Dr. RT Kendall has written Holy Fire, which will be published next month.  I am very familiar with RT's views on the gifts and work of the Holy Spirit, having read his books and having attended his Thursday lunch time meetings at Westminster Chapel at the end of the last century.  His ministry at Westminster Chapel was very helpful, edifying, spiritually nourishing, truly anointed and soundly scriptural.  RT argued from the Bible, from his personal experience and research,  that the gifts of the Holy Spirit operate in the present age and were in no way removed once the Bible was written.  I found his position convincing and compelling.

You may find the following link helpful:

Dr Kendall has also written an open letter to Dr MacArthur, expressing his concern about John MacArthur's hostile views and scathing comments about charismatics and pentecostals.

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