Friday, 4 October 2013

Qatar 2022 is a blatant Blatter mistake

It is clearly a mistake to hold a World Cup final in Qatar during the summer months. This has now been admitted by the FIFA bureaucracy.  There are many reasons why Qatar is a bad location for the World Cup.  The infrastructure is evidently not in place. Even if, or rather when, the finals go ahead during the winter, and this now seems to be the most likely decision, then the disruption to many domestic leagues, like the Premiership, will be enormously inconvenient. The situation has been called "a farce" and" football's omnishambles". It stinks, like rotting meat in the summer heat! Sepp Blatter should have retired years ago. It's a pity he ever became involved in football. He should have stayed working for the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and promoting suspenders for women. Has Blatter ever played for a good football team or to a consistently good standard? I doubt it, but you may be able to comment.

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