Monday, 8 November 2010

Bring the troops home from Afghanistan

This war effort in Afghanistan has gone on for far too long and the British troops should no longer be dying in Afghanistan. What a waste of life, money and effort! So little has been achieved.  There is no clear exit strategy and it has cost us far, far too much. Let's save money and British lives by withdrawing from this stupid conflict, which cannot be won by military options. We are foolish to think that we can bring about a political solution by fighting this stupid war.  When we will see sense and get out of this quagmire?  How many more will have to die in Afghanistan with precious little to show for such an unsound investment of time, money, effort, training, ammunition and lives? To fight on in Afghanistan is sheer folly. How can success be measured?  Failure can be measured, to some extent, by the body bags and the strength of the Taliban opposition.

Let's spend the money on health care and not on warfare. Health care not warfare!


River Stour