Monday, 26 December 2011

Downton Abbey delivered

Downton Abbeyon ITV yesterday, delivered an excellent Christmas special.  Millions watched this popular costume drama, though Eastenders won the Christmas Day ratings war.  It had a wonderful blend of suspense, romance, intrigue, tension, humour and joy, plus a very happy ending.  Dame Maggie Smith as the Dowager Countess had some of the best lines.

This Christmas special sets up the third season, which is due in 2012, perfectly.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Alfred Williams was wrong about revival in 2011.

Well, as expected, Alfred Williams's prophecy about a great revival in or starting in 2011 turned out to be completely false, both in the UK and in Nigeria. ( My post of Monday, 28 March 2011 refers.)  We were told to expect "a revival as we have never been seen before". In fact we never saw a revival at all.  We did see terrible lawlessness on the streets of England.  Wales was mercifully spared such anarchy and disorder.  We saw parts of London in flames, looking like a war zone.  The fires and flames of a Christian revival failed to materialize.

Nigeria needs our prayers as we intercede for those who suffer as a result of Islamic terrorism. Boko Haram extremists have claimed responsibility, or rather irresponsibility, for the bombings which have caused the deaths of over 30 people in churches on Christmas Day.

I think some humility is called for by Apostle Alfred Williams and his supporters who boasted about their special knowledge and prophecies.  We should all show humility as we walk humbly with God, do justice and love mercy, the loving kindness of God - according to Micah 6:8.

1 Corinthians 13:9 should make us wary and keep us cautious.  

A Very Happy Christmas and New Year 2012 to all my readers

I wish all my readers a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR 2012.

May you know the joy and peace of Christ and experience life abundant in Christ Jesus in 2012.
He gives us a peace and joy that this world cannot give or understand.  There is a peace that passes understanding in Christ Jesus.

At this time it is good to remember the homeless, as Jesus was homeless at the time of His birth.  It is also appropriate to remember the persecuted, the oppressed and refugees.  Mary and Joseph were forced to flee to Egypt on account of Herod's evil plans.

Today there is violence, bloodshed and wicked oppression throughout the Middle East.  We are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

My prayers go out to the Barnabas Trust, Christian Solidarity Worldwide, Open Doors and all who labour to help those who are persecuted for their faith in Christ.

Jesus is the Prince of Peace and one day He shall return in glory to usher in the perfect age of His rule and reign over all.  There will be scoffers who will deny and ridicule the hope of His second coming. But Jesus will come again. Hallelujah.

Christmas greetings to all viewers of my YouTube channel

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Patrick McGoohan in Columbo episodes

Today on ITV 3 many saw Patrick McGoohan's last appearance in Columbo.  He played the part of murderer Eric Prince in Ashes to Ashes, number 67, episode 12 in season 13 (final season).  Patrick McGoohan and Peter Falk were good friends and enjoyed working together in the Columbo detective TV programmes.  McGoohan appeared a record four times as the murderer, and directed all but the first of these episodes.

For the record, Patrick McGoohan appeared in:

By Dawn's Early Light as Colonel Lyle C. Rumford, number 28, season 4 and episode 3.
Identity Crisis as Nelson Brenner, number 34, season 5, episode 3.
Agenda for Murder as Oscar Finch, number 52, season 9, episode 3.
Ashes to Ashes as Eric Prince, number 67, season 13, episode 12.

Patrick McGoohan's final involvement with Columbo was in directing number 68, season 13, episode 13, Murder With Two Many Notes. He also directed The Last Salute to the Commodore, season 5, episode 6.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Bashar al Assad is in denial

Bashar al Assad is still claiming that the UN reports that five thousand people have been violently killed by Syrian security forces are false.  He asserts that he is supported by the majority of the people and has had nothing to do with the state sanctioned murders on the streets. Bashar refuses to take any responsibility for the brutality.  He is clearly in denial about the killings and misery on the Syrian streets caused by his troops.

It is very hard to believe that an intelligent man can ignore the overwhelming evidence of such repression, bloodshed, torture and deaths.  The blood of the Syrian people cries out against him.  

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sabra Mezze's new Houmous Extra is excellent

I have just tried the new Houmous Extra by Sabra Mezze, a tasty houmous of chickpeas and pine nuts in olive oil.  It is the best that I've tasted.  I can thoroughly recommend it.  


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