Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Patrick McGoohan in Columbo episodes

Today on ITV 3 many saw Patrick McGoohan's last appearance in Columbo.  He played the part of murderer Eric Prince in Ashes to Ashes, number 67, episode 12 in season 13 (final season).  Patrick McGoohan and Peter Falk were good friends and enjoyed working together in the Columbo detective TV programmes.  McGoohan appeared a record four times as the murderer, and directed all but the first of these episodes.

For the record, Patrick McGoohan appeared in:

By Dawn's Early Light as Colonel Lyle C. Rumford, number 28, season 4 and episode 3.
Identity Crisis as Nelson Brenner, number 34, season 5, episode 3.
Agenda for Murder as Oscar Finch, number 52, season 9, episode 3.
Ashes to Ashes as Eric Prince, number 67, season 13, episode 12.

Patrick McGoohan's final involvement with Columbo was in directing number 68, season 13, episode 13, Murder With Two Many Notes. He also directed The Last Salute to the Commodore, season 5, episode 6.


Chris Hall said...

Sorry I missed it. Loved Patrick McGoohan in Danger Man and The Prisoner.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this useful information. As it just so happens, "By Dawn's Early Light" was shown again last Saturday. It was a great pleasure to see these two actors together, and I am happy to know that they were good friends off-camera.

Kind regards


Johli Baptist said...

Murder with Too Many Notes, directed by PMc, was on ITV3 this afternoon, Sunday 28 September 2014. Billy Connolly starred as the murderer.

Johli Baptist said...

"Ashes to Ashes" was shown this afternoon on 5 USA in the UK. It was Patrick M's last appearance as an actor and the murderer in Columbo. It is on now!

Johli Baptist said...

And another showing of Identity Crisis on terrestrial TV in the UK this afternoon and evening on ITV3 and ITV3+1. It shows how much they enjoyed working together. It's on now on ITV3!

Anonymous said...

He says"be seeing you" a lot in this episode.
Love Patrick McGowan but Leslie Neilson steals the show in the opening exchanges.
Excellent episode, one of the finest made.

C SS said...

I absolutely agree with Anonymous about this being one of the finest Columbo episodes!


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