Tuesday, 25 May 2010

North Korea, a prison state that persecutes pastors and preachers

There is currently grave concern about North Korea.  We have read about its belligerence.  Governments know about its bad track record with regard to human rights.  Christian organizations are aware of North Korea's woeful treatment of Church leaders and active believers, who have been imprisoned and denied justice. There is considerable evidence of persecution and harsh punishment of Christians, God's servants who minister grace, love and truth through Jesus Christ.  The North Korean state sees these fine people as criminals and a threat.
The real crime comes from the spiritually bankrupt government.  Government leaders have acted like political gangsters; it is criminal how they have treated their own people.  They have kept them in a prison state where freedom and dignity are set aside.  What a sad, depressing place to live.  I wonder how many want to leave and defect to democratic countries. How many will quit North Korea after the World Cup football finals, in South Africa, when they realize that a better life lies beyond their motherland?

Update Thursday 27 May 2010

A leader comment in The Times make a very good but sad point today: ... a brutal and bellicose regime keeps a populace in permanent, paranoid, xenophobic, famished, diseased and terrified ignorance.

Let's pray for the persecuted Church leaders, who desperately need our help in their struggle to survive and live peacefully and freely in such a miserable country.

Saturday 29 May

Christian Solidarity Worldwide is working hard to support and assist needy Christians in lands where they are persecuted and imprisoned.  Please see www.csw.org.uk

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