Friday, 14 May 2010

What's with the asparagus?

The other day (early May) she who must be obeyed, her indoors etc. was reading about asparagus in a magazine published by Sainsbury's supermarket.  It said how great our British asparagus was, arguably the best in the world. And now it's the English asparagus season.

So we went down to the local Sainsbury's and bought a lot of asparagus.  We like it. And where did it come from?  Lincolnshire? No. Northamptonshire? No. Somewhere in the East Midlands? No. Somewhere in Eastern England? No.  The Vales of Evesham? No. Somewhere in England? No.  Britain? No. Great Britain? No.  Europe? No.

It came from PERU!  Well Paddington Bear should be pleased.

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