Monday, 10 May 2010

Come on you Spurs!

When I heard that Tottenham were two nil up at Burnley, I thought that another victory by the original and true North London team was imminent.  It was a shock for me to discover that my beloved Spurs were defeated by relegation and Championship bound Burnley. Were Spurs tired?  Was it fixed? Did complacency set in?  These questions came rapidly into my mind. Somebody no doubt made some money at the bookmakers. Did it look like a thrown game? Well, you may think that, but, I don't believe it.

Harry's boys will have to play with greater consistency and remove the defensive frailties if Tottenham are to progress in the Champions League.  It's a pity that Ledley King or Ledley, King of defenders, will not be available on a much more regular basis.  He has a serious knee problem and Spurs need King Ledley to tighten the defence.

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