Friday, 11 June 2010

Trendy teaching gone mad!

I visited my old primary school, a Church of England institution, in North London and mentioned that in my day we had really enjoyable games of football and cricket with great rivalry against the other primary school in the area.  I was told that this is no longer the case because competitive sports have been banned at the school.
I thought "What?".  No football or cricket matches?  No 100 yards, sorry metres, no egg and spoon races.  NO!  Competive games are not allowed anymore.

So this trendy teaching or philosophy of education could seriously impact our future, at the World Cup, the Olympics, at various levels and in numerous ways.  It's madness! Trendy teaching gone mad!

Whether we like it or not, we live in a competitive environment.  We compete for jobs, for positions of responsibility, for a number of  professional enterprises.

This teaching is against the Olympic spirit. It is very dangerous because it does not prepare children for life.  Competitive team games are so valuable and teach us important lessons.  Cricket, for example, helps children understand the role of teamwork, specialist skills, mathematics (in scoring), strategy and tactics, sensitivity to weather and conditions.

Let's ban this stupidity and never allow trendy teachers to spoil a treasured way of life.

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