Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Come off it, that's not true socialism Diane Abbott!

Diane Abbott has admitted that she sends her son to the very expensive City of London School. Perhaps he has a scholarship and she doesn't pay the full fees, but CLS is a very elitist school and offers a very good education to the few, highly privileged boys who get through the rigorous admission process.  Diane Abbott is often on television proclaiming her left wing views and displaying her socialist credentials; she is frequently pontificating about equality and opportunity for the masses, particularly for those in her community.
Come off it Diane! You should be sending your son to a comprehensive school.  Aren't they good enough?  Evidently not. So it's the best that money can buy for your son but comprehensive education for the masses.

Personally, I believe in the best for my sons, but I don't pretend to be an ardent socialist on educational matters anymore.  When it comes to education, I want the best and I don't want pseudo-socialists lecturing me about the benefits of "grammar schools for everyone".  I went to Creighton Comprehensive (now Fortismere), which was eventually run by Molly Hattersley and was full of left wing teachers.

This is not the first time that such pseudo-socialism has been noticed.  Fred Mulley, a Labour cabinet minister and once a Secretary of State for Education (in the 1970s), sent his daughter to the City of London School for Girls, which has an excellent record; it performs very well in the league tables.  CLS and CLS for Girls are in the premiership when it comes to secondary education.  I should know, because my elder son is an Old Citizen and my wife is a member of CLOGA (City of London Old Girls' Association).

So it seems to me that socialists in high political positions often talk the talk but they don't walk the walk.


Anonymous said...

Poor old Mulley fell asleep next to the Queen during an air display when he was a defence minister. It apparently damaged his political career.

Karl said...

" highly priviliged boys who get through the rigorous admission process."

Can anyone tell the boys and girls what's wrong with this sentence?

Reverend John Race alias Johli Baptist said...

Good call Karl. I am highly privileged to have comments from those who can spell correctly.

Duly noted and corrected!

Johli Baptist said...

Harold Wilson, a former grammar school boy, promised us grammar school for everyone, but he sent his son to a private school from the leafy lanes of Hampstead Garden Suburb, a haven for champagne socialists and very wealthy lefties.


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