Saturday, 12 June 2010

A night out with Street Pastors in Romford

Having given a devotional message to a group of Street Pastors, I decided to venture out with them on the Friday night ministry in the centre of Romford.  It was a mild and pleasant June evening yesterday, on the streets of the town where I got married.  I enjoyed their company and learnt more about this valuable ministry on our streets, where drunkenness and disorder can rear their ugly heads at a moment's notice.  But tonight there was little to be worried about.  The Street Pastors of Romford went armed with prayer, divine protection and confidence in their Lord, who has the victory.  I took some video footage and hope to upload it on YouTube soon.

You may be interested to know about my devotional message.  Well, it was based on Hebrews 12:1-10 and I spoke about God challenging us to relinquish hindrances and besetting sins, to retain our knowledge of His Word and what the Holy Spirit prompts us to keep and maintain in the Lord, and to replenish what we may have lost, neglected and spilt, as we may have leaked and lost some of God's power and grace in our lives.  God wishes us to live an abundant and full life in Him, so we should check to see if we are leaking or losing what He is giving us or has given us.  Our cups can overflow when we have removed the sinful ways and allowed Him to fill us with His pure water of life.

I also showed them three notes: a banknote for billions of dollars from Zimbabwe, a tract type banknote drawn on eternity with the promise of salvation provided in Jesus Christ, and a sterling five pound note.
Only the five pound note has real value or worth as legal tender.  If this note was torn, screwed up and badly soiled, it still retains its value of five pounds sterling, which is worth remembering when meeting people who have been torn, turned inside out and soiled by life today in the UK.

Update 14 June 2010
Please see my YouTube video

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