Monday, 28 June 2010

Vorsprung durch Zusammenspiel? Grausen = England.

Vorprung durch Zusammenspiel.  Forward through teamwork.  The England footballers who represented their country yesterday in South Africa clearly did not operate as a team.  The defence was a shambles.  It was the worst back four performance by England footballers at World Cup finals.  And it was the worst defeat for English football at the World Cup finals ever! Grausen! I have used a German word, which was used by the German press to describe their defeat when England won 5-1 in Munich. 

I feel sorry for Stevie Gerrard to have captained a side that were woefully second rate and did not have any star quality apart from David James. Our goalkeeper, whom I have criticized in the past for poor performances, was classy. David James was, by far, the best player on the pitch for England. He saved his side from even more embarassment and shame.

We can rightly complain and winge (as we will) about the incompetence of the referee and linesman, and the lack of technology etc., but this England performance was dreadful. The horror. The horror.  Truly gruesome. Grausen. We'll grouse about it for years to come.

Wir war furchtbar.

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