Saturday, 26 June 2010

Exodus for the troops in Afghanistan?

It has just been announced on the BBC that the total number of troops killed in Afghanistan has reached 307.
David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, now wants the troops out of this quaqmire by the next election. Have we learnt that Western militarism cannot defeat the Afghan guerillas and so we now need a clear exit strategy?  This war was ill conceived by the Western forces, who have failed to learn lessons from history and so have been repeating mistakes and committing serious errors of judgment in dealing with the Islamic resistance movement.  While we have been wasting millions of pounds on expensive hardware and losing precious lives, the Taliban fighters and others have been training more and more roadside bomb makers and dedicated guerillas who believe passionately in their cause.  We are unable to conquer in these circumstances, so bringing the troops home is the sensible solution.  We cannot afford to help the corrupt Afghan government with its pathetic political and social infrastructure.  It's a pity that we didn't go in Afghanistan with educational, medical and sports equipment rather than weapons, armed helicopters and military hardware.


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