Friday, 25 June 2010

A Paradise Regained?

One the longest day of the year I spent hours walking the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and reached Barafundle Bay from Bosherston Ponds.  The beach by Barafundle Bay on a warm day in June is as close to my idea of paradise, this side of eternity, as one can get.

Some people like it when it is deserted and noboby else is around them.  That is not paradise!  Paradise is for people and not isolation.  I showed one of my photographs of Barafundle Bay to the attendant at the National Trust stand at Bosherston.  He told me that he had photographs of the beach with not a soul on it.  Well, I have some of those too.  But the photograph I showed him had my family on this beach, and that's more like paradise.  Paradise is for people.  Jesus died so that people who trust in Him can populate paradise.  Some people seem to think that Jesus came to teach great doctrines.  And He did teach great doctrines.  But He died for people, not doctrines. Paradise is where God walks with people in the garden of delights.  Some find a paradise on earth because they walk with Him and enjoy true fellowship with His people.

A beachcomber at Barafundle Bay

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Johli Baptist said...

The film about Barafundle Bay has been shown at the Edinburgh Film Festival.


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