Thursday, 10 June 2010

Peace at Peniel Church, near Brentwood, Essex

If you visit Peniel Church today you will find all reference to the previous ministry has been removed.  Yes, a certain name has, as it were, been execrated  from buildings and signs.  The artillery cannon no longer points towards the Brentwood Council Offices; it is gone.

 The current senior ministers, the Linnecars, who served under the old regime, are rebuilding links with the local Christian community and church leadership, who no longer feel at odds with the Peniel Church ecclesiology.  I understand the Peniel Church has re-joined the Evangelical Alliance and supports the Churches Together in Brentwood.

Peniel Church has excellent resources, talented members and much to offer in fellowship, Christian music and education.  The future looks very promising for them as they are now stronger and spiritually fitter to face the challenges of Christian evangelism and living in the 21st Century.

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wondering aloud said...

this is good news indeed
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