Friday, 1 July 2016

Crap town: Tilbury town is in the top division

Tilbury town looks so down, so depressed and so deprived. It has been left to decline and decay.

The pub and the dental practice are closed and shuttered.

The Anchor has not held in the storms of economic decline, but perhaps the Christian fellowship, Fruitful Land, which seems to be using the premises, can provide hope and a better future.
This poor local lad's future was brutally cut short and his murderer is still at large.

The litter problems show neglect and despondency.

Discarded beer cans, cigarette packets, and snack bags are carelessly strewn in the gutters and in alleys. There is clearly little love for the environment. What a dump!

Abject neglect and urban ugliness are plain to see. What a very sad state of affairs!

The broken window and shuttered windows are a sad testimony to the dismal decline.

Some things have clearly had better days and they are left to decay.

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Johli Baptist said...

I asked a man at the bus stop if there was anywhere to eat in the area. He said "Naah", meaning you must be joking mate, not around here.


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