Saturday, 9 July 2016

Will Tony Blair be remembered for deceit and lying above all else?

I admit that I was taken in by Tony Blair. I believed that he was honest and sincere, a devout man of faith. I voted for him and felt the elation of a Labour victory when he first became Prime Minister. I have admired his good Catholic wife, Cherie, for her childhood and teenage struggles in an unhappy home life with a selfish, womanizing, drunken father, going on to achieve success as an outstanding barrister.

When people began to call him Bliar, I hesitated and wondered if he was really dishonest and told lies. I recall that he claimed to be a Christian, and I understand that his faith is important to him. Truth is at the heart of the Christian message. "You will know the truth and the truth will set you free." Did he really follow the Way, the Life and the Truth, incarnate and revealed in Christ, who promised that the Spirit of Truth would come to guide us into all truth. (See John 14;6 and 16:13.)

Sometimes half truths and truth mixed with falsehood are more dangerous than complete error.  Poison can be sugar coated, sweet on the tongue, but deadly to the body, absolutely lethal.

I am now convinced that Tony Blair lied and deceived us. His critics claim that there are many examples of Tony Blair and his team misrepresenting the facts in the pre-Iraq war period.

I now contend that in the Chilcot Report, there is evidence of lying. Dame Manningham-Buller, then director of MI5, had warned that an invasion of Iraq would result in an increased danger of terrorist attacks in Britain. On 7/7/2005 there were those dreadful terrorist attacks in London when 52 people died. Tony Blair told Parliament shortly afterwards that there was no link between events in Iraq and these acts of terrorism. Our Foreign Secretary at the time, Jack Straw, backed up Tony Blair's position. Our Intelligence Services gave a completely different view, and they asked for a substantial increase in funding to cope with the extra terror threats. It was patently obvious that our streets were far more dangerous as a result of Tony Blair's middle east policy, and Islamic jihadists and extremists were far more willing to bring terror and death to the UK. The testimonies of extremist fighters and suicide bombers have made the clear link between Iraq (with Afghanistan) and terrorist activity.

Saddam Hussein and his armies were no direct threat to the UK, yet we were fed the lie that we were in danger from weapons of mass destruction, which did not exist when our soldiers invaded Iraq.
Threats came to our troops from angry jihadists who wanted to settle old scores and engage in a war, terrorism and battles against foreign invaders and infidels.

I pray for Tony Blair. I pray that he will send a lot of his wealth, some would say ill gotten gain, to the widows, orphans and the injured as a result of his actions and decisions.


Johli Baptist said...

There is a book in the current best seller charts which investigates Tony Blair's wealth, power and prosperity since leaving Number 10 Downing Street. It is Blair Inc.

Johli Baptist said...

Blair has accrued an enormous amount of money. Has he gained the mammon of unrighteousness? Does he serve mammon?


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