Sunday, 24 July 2016

Love does not rejoice in wrong and in tragedy

Love is at the heart of the Gospel, the good news of salvation in Christ. God is love. The love of Christ constrains us. Without love our faith is vain. Faith work through love.

Sadly we have manifestations of faith, religion, philosophies and politics without much love, ways of life lacking grace and kindness. Evidence of true faith is loving kindness, grace at work in everyday life.

Some religious people rejoice in hatred and disaster. When people are murdered they celebrate. They persecute the innocent and harm the righteous. This shows that they are based on false traditions and the doctrines made up by unspiritual folk who did not know God. They did not receive truth through revelation. They invented what they teach, pretending that is from God.

It was the religious establishment that arranged the crucifixion of Christ. Religious leaders rejoiced in his death. In the world today leaders are still harming his disciples. Christians are suffering outrageous persecution at the hands of religious fanatics convinced that they are serving God.

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