Thursday, 30 June 2016

Calling time on Captain Corbyn's chaotic cruiseliner

Jeremy is a highly principled politician, a man of conscience and sound ethics, and such men seem to be quite rare in the minds of many voters. Politicians have been scathingly mocked and ridiculed for their mercenary ways and manipulative practices. But not Jeremy. He has lived frugally. He has walked the walk and talked the talk when it comes to living like a true man of the people, a socialist par excellence.

Jeremy really cares about the poor, the oppressed, the needy, the exploited and the common man and woman. He is a genuine socialist, sincere and decent. He fights racism and stands against injustice.
But, and here's the problem, Jeremy is no leader.

Jeremy cannot inspire and take his fellow Parliamentarians forward to victory. As things now stand, a Labour victory at the next election is about as likely as Everton winning the Premiership and the FA Cup in the same season. Now Everton aspire to be great, as their Latin motto says, and they so wish to be better than Liverpool, but they often fail.

A great team needs a great manager. Management is not an exact science, because they are so many variables when humans are part of the equation, but great management means getting the best out of your staff, your team, your most precious resources. Jeremy does not have the management expertise and leadership skills to get the best out of his MPs and his Shadow Cabinet.

The British Labour Party aspires to be great and to be better than the Tories at the ballot box, but abject failure and disasters look certain. To change metaphors, if they sail on with Jeremy at the bridge of a ship, tossed about and going into very dangerous waters, the damage to the ship may take years to repair and rebuild.

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