Monday, 27 June 2016

Time for Jeremy, time for him to go?

Jeremy Corbyn has to face some uncomfortable truths. You are not a leader if people will not follow you, or if they believe that you lack leadership and the ability to take people forward.

We have been told by his loyal supporters that Jeremy is going nowhere. Well the British public worked that out some time ago, according to Frank Field who knows something about uninspiring political leaders.

It seems obvious that poor Jeremy cannot lead his original chosen shadow cabinet forward, and certainly not forward to electoral victory. With Jeremy at the helm of the Labour Party the road to nowhere beckons. It looks like he cannot find followers of calibre to fill shadow cabinet positions.
Labour Party politicians are calling time on his present leadership. It is time for him to go.


Johli Baptist said...

Jeremy should keep close to Diane Abbott if he wants to sail into political rocks and skerries. Diane is an excellent vote loser, a veritable recruitment agent for his opponents. They are loved by the politically naive and juvenile activists. Right now his band of comrades seem all at sea.

Johli Baptist said...

The situation is now farcical and ridiculous. Jeremy's position is untenable. He is like a football manager with no team and his best players will not even turn up for him. The longer he stays the less national support he will have, and fewer people will respect his grip on reality.


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