Monday, 27 June 2016

Rooney is on the wane as England fail to beat Iceland in Nice

What a humiliation! What an ignominious defeat! Iceland beat England  1-0 in the Euro 16 football tournament. Abject failure as the England players showed a lack of quality, bad control, poor performances and woeful match play. Congratulations to Iceland who showed commitment and courage. They took their chances and made England look miserable and mediocre.  There were so many unforced errors and embarrassing mistakes.

Roy Hodgson's team were a shambles and looked like part timers and park players at times. They were that bad! Roy does not seem to get the best from his players at major tournaments. He has come up short. Roy's track record of failure, in Brazil and now in France, 
makes his future look as bleak as Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.


Johli Baptist said...

Roy has now resigned. His England days are over and he should take a holiday.

Johli Baptist said...

There are no excuses for this woeful failure, but there needs to be a thorough investigation into the reasons for such under achievement.

Johli Baptist said...

Wayne Rooney, footballer on the wane, had a very bad time on the pitch. It will be hard to forget this defeat, one of the most humiliating in England football history.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Rooney, overrated , pathetic, abject failure, leave now!


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