Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sitting ducks in Afghanistan

We don't seem to get it.  As perceived occupying forces, infidels and unwelcome foreigners, those associated with the British government are considered legitimate targets for the Taliban.  Their fighters are prepared to kill themselves and others, to rid their country of foreigners who threaten their independence.  A Taliban spokesman has said "We will become independent again from all foreigners, especially from the British."  Our historical record, which is remembered and goes back to the 19th century, in Afghanistan does not make edifying reading. We have bribed, caused bitterness and shed innocent blood.  Last Friday there was a double suicide bombing at the British Council compound.  At least ten people have been murdered.

The attack was at the time of the 92nd anniversary of Afghanistan's independence from Britain.  And British politicians think that we can do "vital work" there.

We are not welcome and our workers are sitting ducks.

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