Thursday, 18 August 2011

Calling time on the Assad regime. Time for Assad to go.

Now key world leaders are asking for Bashar, the Brutal Basher, al Assad to step down as he has lost legitimacy.  More pressure and more sanctions are being brought to bear on the Assad regime of repression.  Sadly the small people will continue to suffer for his sins. The Syrian regime is in crisis.  The economy has deep problems. The health service is stretched to cope with the injuries, the many wounded from the troubles, the protests, and the demands for democratic changes. Thousands have already died during demonstrations.  The bullets of Bashar's men have been making the situation worse.

Not even rigorous and far reaching reforms can now wash away the blood on the despot's hands.  This dictator has lost the respect and support of his people.  It is the brutal military and special security services plus the support of some unethical nations that keep him in power.  How long will Assad cling on?  His days are numbered.

Syria will be well rid of this regime. It's time for regime change.

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