Friday, 12 August 2011

A Lost Generation?

Politicians, church and community leaders, and social commentators are asking the question: do we have a lost generation in England?  Do we have an underclass of young people growing up without morality and moral restraint?

There are clearly many theories and complex social problems surrounding the criminality of these young rioters, looters and louts who have taken to the streets over the last few days to wreck havoc, destruction and damage. Some people say that gang culture is much to blame for the recent arson, anarchy and thefts.  Others believe that bad parenting and poor home life, where a lack of discipline and decency prevails, explain many of the problems. A few put the cause down to environmental factors, including government cuts, social alienation, unemployment and the loss of opportunities.

One thing is apparent to me.  These juvenile delinquents have little respect for others, their neighbours, their neighbourhoods, their country, basic morality (thou shalt not steal), the police, those in authority, the rule of law, and God.  They live godless and self centred lives, without a social and moral conscience.  Some of them  have grown up thinking that they are free to do just as they please and anything what they want, without recourse to established morality, anybody else or the needs of others.  Their way of life is, in effect, based on: if it feels good , then let's do it.  They wish to do what is right in their own eyes.  Selfishness reigns supreme.  They are lost,  walking the broad way that leads to destruction and spiritual death.

  It is time for the true members of Christ's church, those called out of this present evil world where the good seed is choked and harmed, to reach out into the highways and byways to bring the gospel of hope and salvation to these needy young folk.

We need to look again at youth work, youth clubs, youth ministries and youth projects.  In the past we have managed to touch young people in deprived areas and places of poverty and poor social conditions.  Think of the Mayflower Centre in East London, London City Mission halls on council estates, and successful church youth clubs in the inner cities.

Church leaders and people in Christian fellowships are arranging for special prayer meetings, vigils, prayer and fasting sessions, to take place throughout this troubled land.

It is time to watch and pray, time to seek God's wisdom, and time to see the power of God touching these lost sheep so that they are plucked out of devil's hands.

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