Monday, 15 August 2011

Brutal Basher Bashar al Assad

Certain nations have been very slow to condemn the brutality of Bashar, Brutal Basher, al Assad's regime of terror and evil repression.  Hilary Clinton, however, has been calling for sanctions against the Assad government.

Assad, the brutal basher, has lost legitimacy to rule, so it is time for him to go.  Although he can appear as a charming and well educated young man, he is a political gangster who should to brought to justice for his evil reign of terror.  Like his father, he has shed much blood and criminally abused his people.

Shame on  any country that harms the innocent, peaceful protesters with legitimate grievances.

Shame on any country that curtails the freedom of the press.

Shame on any country that denies basic human rights and democratic freedom.

Shame on any country that persecutes Christian leaders and true disciples of Jesus Christ.

Shame on their leaders and politicians who are responsible for these evil ways.

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