Saturday, 27 August 2011

Gun Law in Libya

There is concern about the amount of weapons on the streets of Libya today.  Many young men who are heavily armed could be difficult to control.  Care needs to come at this time of conflict so that cohesion rather than chaos reigns.  There are reports of violence and vengeance.  The stench of death can be smelt in hospital wards. Dead bodies decay around Tripoli.

There is talk of democracy, freedom and a brighter future.  But there is also fear about tensions and terrors, death and destruction because some will want to settle old scores.  Gun law rather than justice with order may already be on the streets of Tripoli.  Civil war is always bitter. Scars and deep wounds last for years.

There is no easy way ahead, but blood, sweat, toil, trouble and tears.  Gaddafy and his gang have had their day; they have left a bloody legacy.  Still they fight on and deny the people the peace and prosperity they desperately desire.

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