Monday, 26 July 2010

Harsh realities hit home: the Afghan war has been a disaster

Today's Guardian reveals the true and terrible cost of the war in Afghanistan.  What a mess! What a quagmire!

It cannot be won by military means.  Voices are crying in the wilderness.  The NATO forces cannot straighten out the crooked paths.  Crooks have benefited from the corruption and the bribes. False accounts have been told about the way the war has been waged and the terrible loss of civilian lives. The unacceptable truths are coming to light about dark and dismal realities.  When many more facts are revealed then the full folly of what has happened will be admitted. Sadly more troops will die before NATO forces will leave with their tails between their legs.  Some tall tales will no doubt be shared by leaders who do not wish the full and fair truth to come out.

For me, the true and authentic Micah challenge is concerned with justice, grace and humility.  Justice for the poor, the oppressed and the powerless, for those who are being denied righteous governance.  Grace to those who need love, compassion and tender loving care in a world of pain and suffering.  Humility in our dealings with others and in walking with God in humble adoration, praise and honest endeavour.  Christians will want to see fair play winning the day.  God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  The arrogant are cursed; they will not see God's blessing on their lives.  Glorious grace is bestowed on those who are willing to humble themselves and to discover the beauty of a holy lifestyle, living for God in covenant loving kindness.

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