Saturday, 24 July 2010

Day of the Jackass?

Last Thursday, 22 July, a driver managed to bring traffic to a standstill in Muswell Hill Broadway, London N10.
Other drivers were unable to get into the car park because this elderly driver had blocked the way and refused to reverse his four by four vehicle.  He wanted to make a point and did not mind inconveniencing other drivers who wished to park their cars in the town carpark off the MH Broadway.  So Jackass 838 Unreasonable Unhelpful Jackass caused a long tail back which stretched into the MH Broadway.  Other drivers tried to reason with him and some rebuked him for his selfish attitude and unreasonable behaviour.  A policeman was called to the scene of this fiasco and kindly asked the driver to reverse.  Three metres was sufficient. And under protest the Jackass eventually obliged.  "He needs to get a life!" said one observer.
Some people immature with age and delight in their petulance.

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