Sunday, 25 July 2010

Deliver us, O Lord, from bourgeois religion

Bourgeois religion passes in some places for Christianity or for Christian fellowship.  By bourgeois religion I mean a middle class religion which endorses certain conservative and re-actionary values.  It is keen on tradition and toleration, but it is a pseudo-toleration because it can get very intolerant of views and attitudes that do not accord with its cosy complacency and carefully worked out ways.  Bourgeois religion does not like anything radical or really challenging; it wants to confirm its prejudices, its safe and secure lifestyle.  It does not like true Christian discipleship, strong evangelical commitment, risk, living by faith, contending for the faith once delivered to the saints and fighting the good fight of faith.  Bourgeois religion does not like to take Christian living very seriously as it avoids talking about faith and sharing the Gospel, especially at work and at dinner parties. For bourgeois religion faith is a private matter and it does not really impinge on the comfortable, professional middle class way of life.  Family and career come first.  Matters of faith can occupy a space at the weekend, preferably on Sunday morning.  A gentle dose of religion is very acceptable.  It's very nice for christenings, weddings and funerals.

Bourgois religion is happy to have rules and regulations which have a religious veneer and are considered spiritual.  It is happy with traditional values and charitable works. Bourgeois religion is at home in Vanity Fair.

Clearly it's not Christian at all.  It has no place or time for repentance, conversion and commitment to Christ.

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Anonymous said...

Bourgeois religion is lukewarm and materialistic. It is spiritually bankrupt and enslaves its adherents in a sickly sweet materialism. It welcomes the proud, the pharisees, the influential wordly wiseguy,the self righteous and the greedy. It casts aside the humble poor and the ardent disciple of Christ Jesus.


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