Sunday, 30 October 2011

Voices crying in the wilderness by the steps of St Paul's

Surely the protesters and the priests at St Paul's Cathedral can come to some sort of arrangement so that people can safely enter the building.  The closure of the building could have been avoided.  Now there has been the sad resignation of Rev. Dr. Giles Fraser, who was canon chancellor of St. Paul's.  He had sympathy for the protesters and wanted no violence to take place if the protesters had been removed forcefully.

This is a time for dialogue and peaceful protest, but some of the pseudo protesters, who have put tents there for a day time occupation, should leave.  The area is an eyesore and the protesters need to move on to another location.  There needs to be a law against a permanent protest encampment.  There needs to be a limit of the duration of an encampment.  These protesters have no right to live there for as long as they wish.  They need to take the views and needs of other people into account.

Perhaps the priests should start preaching at the protesters, then baptise and confirm them.  After that they would hardly go near a church again.

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