Sunday, 30 October 2011

Syrian protesters are slaughtered regularly

Peaceful protesters are being killed regularly by government security forces.  Scores are reported to be dead over the last few days.  The death toll rises and world leaders are appealing for the bloodshed to end, but the country looks like a civil war will occur, especially as the level of opposition is gaining strength. The majority of the people would like to see the removal of the Alawite minority rule under  President Bashar al Assad.  There is no democratic framework or free press in Syria.  Bashar continues to appear charming and reasonable while his troops and henchmen shoot opposition activists in the street.  Despite growing condemnation in the Arab world he remains calm, confident, composed, assured and dignified when interviewed by the media.  He is quite unlike the stereo-typical tyrant and despot.  Some of his comments show that he appears out of touch and unaware of the terrible suffering of his people.  He seems cocooned in his peaceful world of family harmony and untroubled comfort.  This must be a facade, as he is a very intelligent man with a good grasp of political events and he is no doubt well briefed by his security advisors. But Bashar chooses to play the role of the unassuming and frugal leader who wants reform.

He may live humbly and be a humorous and charming chap at dinner parties and social events, but there is an iron fist and bloody hand beneath the velvet glove. His opponents have felt the daily harshness of his regime.  They know the reality of his "reforms": repression, torture, bullets and brutality. They hold Bashar al Assad responsible for so much suffering.

Some may want Bashar al Assad to remain because they fear some of the alternatives, such as a state of chaos,  Islamic extremism and bloody factional conflict.

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