Friday, 7 October 2011

Ten years in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan started ten years ago today, on 7 October 2001. Most people in the UK and USA no longer believe, if they ever did, in the Afghan war.  It is not winnable.  Afghanistan is in a mess of corruption and inner conflict.  This military conflict has cost too many lives.  In the last five years the loss of life has increased dramatically, as there were relatively few casualties in the first five years.  It has not been worth the terrible loss of life, both civilian and military deaths.  Analysts admit there have been tragic mistakes, which have been very costly indeed.  The public have been sceptical about the goals.  The military public relations and propaganda failed to convince us of the necessity and value of this conflict. History indicated that it would end in failure, loss of life and wasted expenditure. It was sadly a disaster ridden enterprise.

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