Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Further thoughts about the protesters by St. Paul's Cathedral

After listening to views expressed on television by Anne Atkins (columnist and writer on Christian affairs) and Simon Jenkins (editor of Ship of Fools), the Church of England could have done far better in handling the situation; they could have engaged, shared and cared.  They had a new congregation literally on their door step. There was an opportunity to use these events to bring the true message of Jesus to the protesters, media and the watching world.  Now the Church of England looks uncertain, dithering and confused.

It has been pointed out that Jesus would not have consulted lawyers.  He feed the five thousand and knew how to speak words of life and meaning to a crowd.  The St Paul's Cathedral clergy seem to be at a loss.  They could have been on to a winner.

Had there been an encampment in St Peter's Square in Rome, the protesters would have probably been subjected to water cannons and hostile actions by the Papal Swiss Guards.

Had the protesters camped by St Helen's Bishopsgate, Church of England with an Evangelical tradition, then they would have been evangelized and given Gospel fellowship.

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