Monday, 30 May 2011

Support the demands for the GAGAing order

Private Eye has reported that there have been growing demands for the issue of a "Gagaing order" on the publicity-seeking celebrity known as Lady Gaga.  (Some people have complained that her music drives them gaga.)

This superstar injunction would attempt to shut the chanteuse up for a bit; perhaps it would make her disappear from feature articles and red top newspapers until further notice.  Is this too much to ask?

It is considered to be a matter of genuine concern and in the public interest.  The British public has a right to know a lot less about Lady Gaga and spared the sight of intimate photographs of her wearing weird clothes and sometimes hardly any clothes at all.  Vegetarians and butchers have complained about her outfits made out of meat.  One butcher objected to the outfits because they would have a bad taste. But to be fair they would become very attractive...... to flies.

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