Thursday, 26 May 2011

Lord Hanningfield, you are guilty as charged!

Lord Hanningfield, who had claimed his innocence time and time again, was found guilty earlier today at Chelmsford Crown Court.  He was, evidently, not whiter than white but a liar and a cheat according to the evidence presented by the successful counsel for the prosecution.  His dark deeds have been exposed.

Lord Hanningfield is considering an appeal but the evidence against him seems to be clear.  He falsely claimed for bogus travelling expenses and other funds that he was not entitled to receive under strict government accounting regulations.  There was deliberate fraud.  He was found guilty on all six counts of false accounting.  Essex Police are now investigating his claims for expenses as leader of Essex County Council.

Paul White, Baron Hanningfield, is in disgrace.  He took tax-payers' money wrongly, so that makes him a robber baron.  He robbed from the poor tax-payer to enrich himself.  I have no doubt that he loved his dog and did a lot for charity.

Lord Hanningfield thought that his hard work and years of service entitled him to commit fraud.  He has trotted out the old excuse: "others were doing it."

Some wit has suggested that a ducking in Hanningfield Reservoir should be an appropriate part of his sentence if his appeal fails.

It is tragic that a hard working and highly motivated politician went astray; it seems he became entangled in a web of self deception which corrupted him.

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