Saturday, 7 May 2011

Another night out with Romford Street Pastors

Yesterday, after an enjoyable evening by the barbecue on a memorably warm day, I led devotions for Romford Street Pastors.  We started soon after 10 p.m. when five members of the team had gathered on premises belonging to St. Edward's Church. Sadly The Deeper Lounge was closed as a result of illness of the volunteer workers. (The DL is usually open on Fridays from 10 p.m. until 3 a.m. It provides a safe environment for people in need of food, fellowship and hot beverages on Friday and Saturday nights.)

 My devotional talk was on the stilling of the storm according to Mark (4:35-41). In the passage we find the wonderful words of Jesus: Hush! Be still! (There are only two words in the original text: σιωπα πεφιμωσο.) These words were spoken when He rebuked the wind and spoke to the sea (stormy water on the lake).  Even today scientists and others do not fully comprehend the wind's movements, especially its future manifestations,  and certainly they are completely unable to control it.  Who is this then that even the wind and the sea obey Him?  Jesus brings peace and blessing in the storms of life.  We are not exempted from them.  We can face them with confidence for the Lord is our helper, and if He is for us then who is against us? Many in Romford seek peace and pleasure in drink, drugs and other recreational pursuits, but God has made us for Himself, so there is no rest, no peace until we find our rest and our peace in Him.

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