Thursday, 8 April 2010

Osteenism, religion with a veneer of Christianity

Bzel333 has again taken Joel Osteen to task for preaching a sub-Christian message.  I have come to see that Osteenism is presenting a sugary sweet religion with a veneer of Christianity, a version of the prosperity gospel.

Please see Bzel333's YouTube video on Joel Osteen's Easter sermon message.  Joel Osteen fails again and again to proclaim the true Gospel message.  Where is the teaching about repentance?   Where is there sound and substantial teaching on the resurrection and what it really means?   You will not find it at Joel's place because Osteenism does not present the whole counsel of God at all and it has very serious shortcomings.  Some have called it Christless Christianity.  It is pseudo-Christianity; it is closer to self help and self improvement teaching.

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