Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The decline and fall of Michael Reid Ministries (2)

There are fears that Michael Reid Ministries or Michael Reid (MR) will attempt to make a comeback after the recent dramatic fall. Although MR is held in considerable contempt by some of his Peniel flock, former members and Christians in local churches, there are genuine concerns that he will make efforts to return to the pulpit to preach and exercise a ministry. According to a reliable source, there is now a court order preventing MR from having access to church or school property. Such is the level of concern about his return.

MR clearly loved an audience and he enjoyed the acclaim, the status and the glory of his bishopric. MR was in his element when he was leading services, healing campaigns and special conventions. There seems to be no doubt that he will miss all this and will want it back. Is he now a fish out of water, struggling to survive? Or will he become a big fish in a little new pond? While some believe that his disgrace and fall are terminal, others are no so sure after previous comebacks following alleged serious failures in Liverpool and Ripon.

It will now take a miracle for him to regain and exercise his ministry in the Brentwood area, but he may move on to start a new ministry elsewhere. MR probably has the financial resources and the backing of some loyal followers who believe in his claims to work wonders. He can therefore obtain a new building, employ some talented but enterprising people and charm others to launch a new ministry. Archbishop Earl Paulk managed to survive scandals, revelations of sexual misconduct and moral failings at his Atlanta church. Jimmy Swaggart made a comeback of sorts, but the old glory and following did not return. Jim Bakker wrote a book about his downfall, imprisonment and subsequent change of heart. Perhaps MR will write a book to help his cause, but I expect, that if he does so, he will look for willing and hardworking people to assist him. If MR mentions in this book his shortcomings, failures and faults, which would be very doubtful indeed, then he should find plenty of source material in the Reachout Trust discussion forum posts and help from the Michael Reid Miseries website. www.michaelreidmiseries.org/


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You need to be concerned. I was a member of Earl Paulk's church for 14 years and after the first round of sex scandals in 1992 everyone hoped his church was doomed. He kept it going for many years after that. Only recently has there been evidence that Paulk's church is finished, and that was because he handed the reins over to the man raised as his nephew who was really his son (discovered after DNA testing for yet another court case surrounding more sex scandals). To my astonishment, church people seem willing to forgive their leaders anything anymore. I would think it would be a no-brainer to try to find a church where the leader isn't a felon. Unfortunately such isn't the case.

John Race alias Johli Baptist said...

An anonymous comment on this blog sent on 1 May 2008 at 06:58 referred to a serious allegation.

I now understand that this matter has been mentioned on the Reachout Trust discussion forum and has been reported to the Essex Police.

As the allegation may be false I have removed it, but if there is any truth in this allegation then I will write about it in due course.

john dynes said...

All of us need to be careful,

angel said...

Thanks for this blog John, and for keeping us abreast of what is going on with MRM.
These are sad times indeed, we do need to be vigilent at all times, but with Christ ahead of us, we Can move forward.
Bless you Brother.

bishopgilson said...

i m amazed to realize how Christian are quickly judging doing the same thing they do. Michael has fallen? do we need to rejoyce? I don t rejoice when i hear the downfall of man and specialy when it is a Christian minister. there is more joy for a siner repenting;;;he did so. he confessed his sin, therefore pray for him, ask the Lord to give him strengh, the only one who never fall a second time is the unrighteous, seven time the other fell seven time he rises.
please let us be concentrated on love. i was not a friend of michael reid, I have met him, he has been always distant with us but still his message have helped me in a time of need. pray for his wife , his family, how to face unforgiving Christians... and please pray that Michael Reid make a REAL come back impacting the world. that would be Christian view and not only theology

Anonymous said...

A cautionary tale……

So it seems the Rev Michael Read Pentecostal Charismatic ‘Bishop’ .. was no one special after all, yet he and his ministry had a massive blind following…as a wise man once said..set yourself on a self righteous pedestal and prepare to fall.

It’s a lesson to all of us….

Why do so many Christians put their faith in the big preachers and not go directly to God?….here is a story of yet another Charismatic leader who has been caught with his pants down. I learnt along time ago not to follow any man or woman in this world (either in the church or outside the church) or for that matter any particular denomination, sect, new truth/revelation, new blessings or any other group or individual who claims to be a spiritual giant(s)amongst us normal Christians with normal faults and lives.

In my view it is only weak minded people who need to look up to some kind of Christian leader in awe for their personal faith and direction. It never surprises me that when a big spiritual man/woman falls as often they do, that they take many of their blind followers with them. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and no one else is the lesson. And find out for yourself the truths in the Bible; if you can read! Leave the rest to the Holy Spirit to reveal His truth to you. Don’t depend on any ‘go-betweens’, priest, fathers, ministers, self appointed apostles or prophets, confessors, elders, deacons or counsellors etc.. If you submit to such people you are leaving yourself open for a tumble, if and when they are found wanting. They are no better than you, nor closer to God than you. So why look up to them or depend on them for your faith? ( I look down to no one nor judge anyone one either). God’s grace has given us direct access to God though prayer. And at the end of the day we are all sinners and in need of God’s mercy and grace.

This is an all too familiar tale in the Church and one all Christians should take note of…..


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