Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The decline and fall of Michael Reid Ministries (2)

There are those who now fear that in some way Michael Reid Ministries or Michael Reid (MR) will attempt to make some sort of comeback. It is reported that he has comeback before from disasters in Liverpool and Ripon. There are reports that MR is back in this country having returned from the USA. Although he is held in contempt by some members of his flock and certainly by quite a number of former members, there are concerns about that he will want to be in the pulpit and in control again. Is he now a fish out of water? Can he survive and return to being a large fish in a rather small pool? Or is he now finished as a church leader?

From my observations, MR loved an audience and evidently enjoyed the acclaim, the status and the glory of his bishopric. He probably has the financial resources, the connections and loyal band of followers to start a new ministry. Archbishop Earl Paulk managed to continue after serious sexual misconduct and moral failure. Jimmy Swaggart make a comeback of sorts, but the old glory never returned. Jim Bakker wrote a book about his fall, imprisonment and change of heart. Perhaps MR will write a book, but I believe that if does then he will get plenty of assistance. There will be lots of source material in the Reachout Trust discussion forum posts.

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