Friday, 18 April 2008

Joy of Christian fellowship

There is tremendous joy in being a Christian, especially in fellowship with other brothers and sisters in our most precious faith. Our faith is more precious than diamonds, silver and gold. It is of eternal value. Meeting Christians in the international family of God is wonderful. It is so good to share in prayer, the breaking of bread, Bible study and worship meetings. When we receive the gift of eternal life by grace through faith we discover the abundant life of Christ and life that has the quality of eternity. It is how God intended us to live, move and have our being.
To glorify God and to enjoy Him for ever.

It is particularly sad when one sees a fellowship or church in crisis. Peniel in Brentwood, Essex, comes to mind. There have been reports of bullying, fear, intimidation and family turmoil. I hope and pray that this fellowship will be able to move on and discover the value of prayer meetings, regular communion, Bible study and home fellowship groups. I have been following developments on the Reachout Trust discussion forum, which I recommend. You will find many interesting topics for Christians to discuss and share their views.

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