Friday, 28 August 2015

Against the people smugglers and transporters of human cargoes

It is heart breaking news that 71 people, men, women and children, have died in lorry in Austrian under such tragic and horrendous circumstances.  The transporters and people smugglers responsible, irresponsible, for these deaths must be sought and severely punished for their evil deeds.  An international task force should be well funded and generously resourced to capture these perfidious perpetrators and those who currently are operating in this way throughout the world.  They should be incarcerated in specially constructed custodial units, where the families of their victims can remind them of their serious crimes against humanity. They should never be allowed to forget their heinous crimes and the misery they have caused. Let them face up to their terrible trespasses.

Let restorative justice be established in these custodial units. Let these criminals meet and hear from those who demand justice for their lost loved ones.

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