Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Such sad days in Syria

The torture and murder of Khaled Asaad, the 82 year old eminent antiquities scholar who was beheaded in Palmyra, have been confirmed.  His body was left hanging in the main square of the city. Khaled Asaad had a great affection for the ruins at the Unesco World Heritage site in Palmyra. His archaeological work was highly esteemed, and teams from USA, France,  Germany and Switzerland were involved in research and excavations with him.

The criminals who committed these evil acts are indeed a curse. By their fruits shall we know them.

20 August

These shameful and evil acts were reported, but tucked away at the bottom of page 19, in yesterday's Guardian newspaper. It did not mention any torture in the edition that I read. It is now known that IS used torture to find out where certain artefacts had been hidden. Khaled Asaad had refused to reveal where precious items had been deposited.

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